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Online Gambling Business in Belarus. Starting your business. Key features

4 May 2019

Starting your online gambling business in Belarus. Guide.
March 29, 2019
Before April 1, 2019, just two types of online gambling games were permitted in Belarus:
— betting games (where a participant places a stake for an event result against the organiser), for example, sporting stakes;
— totalizator games (where a participant places a stake for an event result against another participant).

As fr om April 1, 2019, virtual gambling houses and additional online gambling games are permitted in Belarus:
— online card games (for example, poker);
— gaming machines where wins/payoffs are determined randomly;
— bingo games, wh ere wins/payoffs are subject to guessed number combinations and stakes placed.

Also, live gambling games are now allowed, i.e. games involving real gaming tables, cards and/or roulettes (located in Belarus or abroad) being broadcast online for remote participants. Card games, dice games, roulette games and gaming machines may be played live.
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