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Analytical materials

30 July 2014

Revera Consulting Group informs about the migration legislation amendments adopted in the Republic of Belarus. The Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated July 11, 2014 № 662«On introduction of amendments and additions to the Resolution of the Council of...   More »

27 March 2014

Since January 2014 all the market members expect the introduction of the regulatory legal act of the Government, which would respond to the main issues in the sector: what kind of specialists, works and services in construction will be subject to certification, as well as to the subject of...   More »

18 March 2014

The Resolution of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus dated December 10, 2013 № 80 «On adoption of the National accounting and reporting standard «Accounting policies of an organization, changes in accounting estimates, errors» and invalidations of certain...   More »

17 February 2014

1. General conditions for investment In accordance with the Law on investments, investment is any property and other objects of civil law rights which belong to the investor on the basis of the ownership right, other legal basis allowing him to dispose of such objects, and which the investor...   More »

3 February 2014

1. General information The Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus, which is made up from the Primary part and Special Part, is the main document that defines the structure of the tax system in the country. The Primary Part formulates the notions of tax obligation, taxpayers, and an object of...   More »

3 February 2014

1. Monopolistic Activity: General Information In 2014 monopolistic activity is regulated by two laws: Till July 1, 2014 – by the Law of the Republic of Belarus as of December 10, 1992 “On counteraction to monopolistic activity and development of competition” (hereinafter...   More »

2 February 2014

1. General Information about the Customs Union The Customs Union is the international organization based on the “Eurasian economic community” established by three member-states: the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan for the purpose of trade and...   More »

1 February 2014

Belarusian legislation is aimed to improve legal and economic relations in the field of state property privatization and transformation of state-owned unitary enterprises into joint stock companies. That is made in order to create the conditions for attracting investment and development of an...   More »

30 January 2014

1. Real estate A general notion of real estate is given by Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus, according to which to real estate (real property) shall be relegated land plots, subsoil plots, solitary water objects, and all that is firmly connected with the land, as well as the enterprises as...   More »

22 January 2014

In late 2013 - early 2014 the court system of the Republic of Belarus overcame through structural changes. If previously the court system consisted of the Constitutional Court, general courts and economic courts, since January 1, 2014 general and economic courts have merged into a single system...   More »