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Oksana Kotel met Paris on Annual Litigation Forum

20 April 2015

April is an outstanding month famous for its Annual Litigation Forum organized by IBA. Several hundred lawyers from all over the world came to Paris. This is the place, which central part (island Saint-Louis) is famous not only with its belonging to Notre-Dame, but also with Court palace and the oldest litigation system in the world.  

The only happy person from the Republic of Belarus, who became a part of this event, was Oksana Kotel, Head of Litigation practice of the company. Red carpet treatment for participants, excursions and the discussion of such topics as: the impact of international state investigation on the ongoing legal proceedings, their cooperation and also the procedure of class-action lawsuits consideration in various countries were the focus of the Forum.  

The short resume given about the event is “The real-life communication with foreign colleagues and experience exchange impressed even more than the reports”.

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Oksana Kotel

Head of the Litigation practice, attorney at law

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