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11 January 2018

On December 21, 2017 President Alexander Lukashenko signed into law the new Decree 'On Digitalization of the Economy' that sets out numerous regulatory breakthroughs and will allow cryptocurrency-related companies to operate in the Belarusian High-Tech Park, a privileged regime zone for...   More »

13 November 2017

REVERA has released a review of the regulation of the pharmaceutical market! Here you can find: - 37 pages of up-to-date information about Belarusian pharmaceutical legislation, over which the team of lawyers REVERA worked. - answers to all the main questions that are of interest to...   More »

20 October 2017

IFLR1000 recently published results of its regular survey. It is one of the most reputable international rating schemes to assess lawyers’ performance worldwide. Surveyors contact clients of law firms and compile ratings based on their testimonials. And this is our favourite – this...   More »

16 October 2017

The ominous Friday 13th failed to interfere with our plans to hold an international EAEU business forum and to create a full-fledged platform for communication between the state and the business community. The Google appraised our efforts highly – if you type “business in EAEU”...   More »

16 August 2017

REVERA has insured its professional liability for 300,000 US dollars. Our company provides responsible care in defending our clients’ rights. Therefore we decided upon a supplementary guarantee of our high-quality services. Professional liability insurance is an essential attribute of...   More »

11 August 2017

ICO and cryptocurrencies in Belarus – this is one of the main themes under debate today. REVERA lawyers, together with a partner – a Moscow legal bureau, examined the issues of Belarusian ICO regulation, and dwelled on the consequences for Belarusian subsidiaries due to investment...   More »

14 July 2017

On 13 July REVERA held a seminar for real sector managers. New and wider benefits and privileges for the Great Stone Industrial Park was the topic. Following the adoption of the Presidential Decree on the Great Stone Park in May 2017, the Park’s business regime became the most favourable...   More »

19 May 2017

The seminar was based on REVERA’s experience of cooperation with foreign companies. The seminar’s topics were: peculiarities of non-residents’ activities: underlying potential problems; corporate strategy vs. choosing a proprietary form; certificates, permits and frameworks for...   More »

6 April 2017

We pay compliments to our clients for the biggest transaction in the Belarusian e-commerce market! Zubr Capital investment company made 3 to 7 mln USD worth direct investments into online hypermarket. REVERA provided full support for the deal – from coordination of basic terms to...   More »

30 March 2017

Our annual review Doing Business in Belarus 2017 is done! Here you can find:- 136 pages of up-to-date and complete information about Belarusian Legislation, which were worked on by 23 people- answers to practical issues on doing business from choosing the most appropriate tax treatment to...   More »