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22 April 2015

7 master-classes, 3 hundred listeners and 10 hours of practice from Revera Consulting Group. This year set of master classes has come to an end. Starting from March till April the most inquisitive slaw department student had been receiving knowledge in the following spheres: The peculiarities...   More »

20 April 2015

April is an outstanding month famous for its Annual Litigation Forum organized by IBA. Several hundred lawyers from all over the world came to Paris. This is the place, which central part (island Saint-Louis) is famous not only with its belonging to Notre-Dame, but also with Court palace and the...   More »

15 April 2015

VIII International Conference “Belarus oil and gas week” took place on April 13 – 16 in Minsk. Aliaksandr Labaty, lawyer of Revera Consulting Group, was one of the lecturers. The topic of the discussion was "Important issues of legal regulation of Belarus-Russia relationships in...   More »

13 April 2015

An authoritative Russian magazine “Nalogoved” published a new article of Eugenia Chetverikova, Head of the Tax and commercial practice of Revera Consulting Group. The article appeared in rubric “An international experience” – novels of Belarus legislation; transfer...   More »

11 April 2015

Annually the representative delegation of Revera Consulting Group takes part in the International Congress of Legal Departments LawSpring. The year 2015 has not become an exception. Dmitry Arkhipenko presented the speech regarding “Economic analysis of legal actions: when court victory...   More »

7 April 2015

Anastasia Sachenko, HR-manager of Revera Consulting Group covered the topic regarding the lawyers’ participation in company’s services promotion in the 3rd issue of the authoritative magazine Legal Insight. The article highlighted the methods of marketing activity increasing and the...   More »

2 April 2015

Forum organized by “Promyshlenno-torgovoe pravo” magazine was conducted in a form of the business conversation. The special guest except for senior associate of Revera Consulting Group was Vice-chairman of Minsk Economic Court Kulakovskii Sergei Leontevich. The forum’s...   More »

1 April 2015

Aleksey Daryin, Head of the Construction and Real estate practice in Revera Consulting Group, delivered a report in BelCCI on April 1 during the Conference "Construction design and engineering supervision". The participants focused attention of engineering project managers, managers and...   More »

26 March 2015

The second Business forum of construction industry professionals was held under the frameworks of annual exhibition "StroiExpo". Anna Aniskevich, the lawyer of Construction and Real Estate practice presented the speech on practical situations and issues connected with certification of...   More »

25 March 2015

Lawyers of Revera Consulting Group are constant guests in the law department of beloved and native Alma mater for the majority of company's reparesentatives, Belarusian State University.This year has not become an exception. As a rule, a spring set of master-classes for students was opened by...   More »