Tax disputes

The complexity of the tax laws often impedes businesses in making independent assessments of risks related to additional charge of taxes, or wisely formulate own position in response to inspector’s remarks.

Moreover, where a tax inspection results in a decision on additional charge of tax, this may entail, apart from pecunial losses, an institution of an administrative process against the company, or even a criminal process against company’s officers.

With respect to tax disputes, REVERA’s attorneys are ready to render legal assistance involving:

  • Expert appraisal of grounds for additional charge of taxes or tax base readjustment in respect of particular client’s transactions;
  • Elaborating a defense technique in case of tax inspection and/or in case of adverse results of a tax inspection;
  • Advising in the course of inspection, representing client for the purpose of its explanation before the tax authority;
  • Preparing counter-pleas to inspection act;
  • Appealing decision of the inspection act in a higher tax authority and/or court;
  • Protection in administrative and/or criminal proceedings involving tax issues.


REVERA maintains additional strength in financial litigation, including debt recovery and bankruptcy procedures, with further expertise in construction and tax-related mandates.

Chambers Europe

REVERA is renowned in the Belarusian legal market for its strong project development work.

IFLR 1000


A major Belarusian manufacturer and exporter of cabinet-work furniture.

Successful support for the client during an inspection of its financial and business activities with regard to fulfillment of tax obligations (in the amount of ca. $500,000), developing a defense strategy and preparing counter-pleas to the inspection act.

A major supplier of household chemicals

Representation in a court proceeding involving a dispute with tax office on an additional charge of profit tax.

An exclusive importer of medical equipment

Defending a client in a criminal case involving alleged tax evasion. The investigative agency charged the client with having developed and implemented a scheme to evade taxes from business activities of a foreign entity “G” in the territory of the Republic of Belarus via its representative office by means of supplying certain types of goods to state bodies within the framework of state purchases procedures. The case was complicated in that it was one of the first criminal cases in Belarus where such activities were treated as criminal by law enforcement agencies.

Protection against bankruptcy lawsuit

Defense of a major construction company from a tax inspectorate’s motion seeking commencement of a bankruptcy case.

A major supplier of furs

Representation in court in a dispute with tax office on an additional charge of profit tax.

Sadovy LLC

Representation of a manufacturing enterprise in court in a dispute with tax office on an additional charge of VAT subsequent to the results of tax inspection.