Wrapping up a start-up project

Launching the startup, founders first think about the product, its promotion and fund-raising. Legal issues often go into the background. But in many ways, the success of the entire project in the future depends on the correct organization of business at the start.

1. IT startup package

2. Early-stage fundraising


Vizor Games

Сurrent legal support to the company, including: creation and protection of intellectual property, releasing video games, advising on national and international taxation, monitoring registration for Hi-Tech Park residency.

BelPrime Solutions ltd.

Comprehensive legal support for a major Belarusian company developing software for website promotion in search engines and Internet marketing.


Consulting for the purpose of applying Decree No. 8 and protection of intellectual property.

Red Rock ltd.

Systematic consulting of a successful Belarusian startup developing software for health/fitness exercises, including corporate, tax, contractual consulting and IP matters.

Creating an R&D centre for Axiom Connected

For a US-based FinTech company. Our lawyers focused on creating an R&D centre in Minsk and current support for the new company in a broad range of legal matters pertaining to corporate, employment and migration law.

Creating an R&D centre for Tealium

A major Californian IT company. Our lawyers assisted in creating an R&D centre in Minsk and provided ongoing support for the new company in a broad range of legal issues.