Belarus M&A Deal Points. Review

REVERA’s participation in the joint project “Belarus M&A Deal Points”


Law firm REVERA took part in a major market research project in the sphere of merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions — “Exploring key terms of M&A transactions in Belarus”. The Study was conducted through joint efforts of 10 leading Belarusian law firms and linked together data about 59 M&A transactions over the past 3 years. The Study was based on the best practices of similar projects in other jurisdictions and on the findings of the previous 2010 survey.

As part of the Study, participants collected and analysed data on major business acquisition transactions in Belarus consummated from January 2016 to December 2018. The Study examined only transactions worth over 500,000 euros as of the date of consummation/takeover. In case of each transaction, participants furnished their answers to 84 questions covering various legal and managerial aspects. A detailed analysis of the collected data allowed participants to amalgamate the best practices pertaining to Belarusian M&A projects and distinguish the prevailing practices of using various legal mechanisms (including international mechanisms) for the purposes of purchase agreements. The data collected by the project may also be used to analyse the existing M&A market trends in Belarus.

You can review the data analysis results in the Study report (link).

REVERA law firm accords thanks to all legal firms that participated in the Study.