Alexander Goretsky, managing partner of Revera Consulting Group, became an arbitrator of the Russian Arbitration Association

Revera Consulting Group gladly announces that on September 30, 2014 Alexander Goretsky, the managing partner of RCG, was included in the data base of arbitrators of the Russian Arbitration Association. Having considered the submitted application thoroughly, as well as having analyzed Alexander’s competences carefully, the RAA Nomination Committee made a positive decision in respect of Mr. Goretsky’s candidacy to be included into the data base of arbitrators.

There are only two arbitrators from Belarus included into the data base of the RAA arbitrators at present, namely Alexander Goretsky and Yan Funk.

Nowadays the situation in the sphere of international commercial arbitration is characterized by the fact that consideration of the most serious disputes with CIS companies participating is conducted in leading European arbitration institutions. Establishment of the Russian Arbitration Association may promote changes in this situation. And RAA imposing high, but objective requirements to its arbitrators is a necessary precondition thereto”, Alexander Goretsky commented on his inclusion into the data base of the RAA arbitrators.

The goal of the Russian Arbitration Association established in 2013 is to develop courts of arbitration and international commercial arbitration courts in Russia and CIS, to popularize Russia as a place of arbitration, to promote Russian arbitrators locally and internationally, as well as to improve competence of Russian lawyers in alternative ways of disputes settlement. 

Since the RAA establishment Revera Consulting Group has been its member.