REVERA associates provided support for RENAULT dealership construction in Soligorsk

The Object has been opened duly in time on September 20th after half of the year of construction beginning.

It is the 10th Object of RENAULT dealer in the Republic of Belarus. And it is the 4th Object of the Client the construction of which has been maintained with REVERA’s help. Previously, REVERA team provided full support for construction of three dealerships — in Grodno, Polotsk and Minsk - on Dzerzhinskogo ave.

The Head of the Construction and Real Estate Practice Denis Bogdanov, lawyers Olga Evmenchikova and Alexander Antonov have been involved in maintenance of autocenter construction in Soligorsk.

For reference:
The autocenter’s show-room comprises 6 cars, the service has 7 stations. The total area of Renault autocenter is 880 sq.m. The dealership is equipped with 3D-configuration tool, has autos depot, parking places for the Clients and territory for test-drive.