First international forum on EAEU held in Minsk

The ominous Friday 13th failed to interfere with our plans to hold an international EAEU business forum and to create a full-fledged platform for communication between the state and the business community. The Google appraised our efforts highly — if you type “business in EAEU” in the search engine, it will cite our forum on the first page :)

We give thanks to our reliable partner “JurSpectre”, our moderators Ian Funk, Anastasia Pavliuchenko and Alexander Gorecky — without you our sections wouldn’t have been so intensive, and also to all speakers for your coming and finding some free time in your tight schedule. We do know that some of you took pains to do it. 

If you wanted to participate in the forum but did not manage to — be sure not to miss these articles, these journalists prepared the best material for you:


There are no ‘transparent’ rules: acute problems of businesses competing in EAEU markets 

Minsk doubts that parallel import in EAEU is necessary 


And one more interesting thing: the forum is over, and we are still receiving participation letters :)

If you would like to participate the next year (and we will return next year!) or receive information materials from the forum, please write to (Alexey).