REVERA informs on simplification of entry procedure in Belarus

On January 11, 2017 Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus No 8 «On establishment of visa-free exit and entry procedure for foreign citizens» has been signed. According to the list hereto, the citizens of 80 countries will gain the right to visa-free entry into Belarus for not more than 5 days (without any additional registrations with Belarus law enforcement agencies).   
The list defined includes all countries from European Union, Brazil, the USA, Japan and other countries.  
The stated measures will stimulate small trips of businessmen, investors, tourists, private individuals. That is the good opportunity to visit Belarus in order to have partnered with national business community, attend various seminars, conferences, meetings as well as for their organization and conduct in the territory of the Republic of Belarus; to investigate possibilities to invest in Belarusian economy, get acquainted with Belarusian culture and traditions.
Below we have collected all useful information concerning visa-free entry procedure.
1) When visa-free entry to Belarus will become effective?
As of February 12, 2017.
2) Which travel mode/ way of border crossing can be used for visa-free entry?
Visa-free entry is applied to those citizens who arrive at the Minsk National Airport and those who depart from Minsk National Airport.
Visa-free entry is not applied to surface transport and other border crossing points.
3) From which moment the stay period in Belarus will start counting?
When enteringthe Belarus the special entry mark will be put in passport and migration card. This date is the beginning of the 5-days stay period.  
4) Are there any restrictions to the amount of visa-free 5-days entries during a year?  
No, there are any restrictions to the amount of visits. However there is another limiting stay period in Belarus for foreign citizens who are temporarily staying in Belarus and it equals to not more than 90 days within a calendar year from the day of first entry.
5) What may happen if foreign citizen violates the 5-days stay period?
Deliberate violation of 5-days stay period will lead to administrative responsibility — a note or a penalty (to 550 Euro) with deportation or without it.
In case of illness, natural calamities or another force majeure circumstances obstructing the exit, the foreign citizen shall address to the internal affairs authority with the application to issue exit visa. In this event the citizen may leave the country in any cross border point, not only via Minsk National Airport.
6) Which documents are needed to enter Belarus within visa-free procedure for 5 days?
- Effective document for traveling abroad (passport). ID card is not enough for this procedure.
- Medical insurance for the amount not more than 10 thousand Euro which remains valid in the territory of Belarus (it can be made in the Airport).
- Funds, calculated as: 25Euro per day.
7) What to do if the documents are lost during the stay period in Belarus?
If foreign citizen loses the documents in Belarus, he/she should address to the diplomatic authority of his/her country in Belarus and obtain the laissez-passer. Within 5-days visa-free stay period he/she is allowed to leave the country without visa. However if after the documents have been lost the stay period exceeds 5 days, it will be necessary to apply to the internal affairs authority to issue exit visa.   
of countries included to the visa-free exit and entry procedure
1.  Australia
2.  The Republic of Austria
3.  The Republic of Albania
4.  The Principality of Andorra
5.  Antigua and Barbuda
6.  The Argentine Republic
7.  Barbados
8.  The Kingdom of Bahrain
9.  The Kingdom of Belgium
10.The Republic of Bulgaria
11.Bosnia and Herzegovina
12.The Federative Republic of Brazil
13.The Republic of Vanuatu
14.The State of the Vatican City
15.The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
17.The Socialist Republic of Vietnam*
18.The Republic of Haiti *
19.The Islamic Republic Gambia*
20.The Federal Republic of Germany
21.The Republic of Honduras *
22.Hong Kong (Xianggang) — Special Administrative Region in          People's Republic of China**
23.The Hellenic Republic
24.The Kingdom of Denmark
25.Commonwealth of Dominica
26.The Republic of India *
27.The Republic of Indonesia
29.The Republic of Iceland
30.The Kingdom of Spain
31.The Republic of Italy
34.People's Republic of China*
35.The Republic of Korea
37.The Republic of Latvia***
38.The Lebanese Republic *
39.The Republic of Lithuania
40.The Principality of Liechtenstein
41.TheGrand Duchy of Luxembourg
42.Macao — Special Administrative Region in People's Republic of China **
43.The Republic of Macedonia
45.The Republic of Malta
46.Sovereign Military Order of Malta**
48.The Federated States of Micronesia
49.The Principality of Monaco
50.The Republic of Namibia*
51.The Kingdom of the Netherlands
52.The Republic of Nicaragua
53.New Zealand
54.The Kingdom of Norway
55.The Sultanate of Oman
56.The Republic of Panama
57.The Republic of Peru
58.The Republic of Poland
59.The Portuguese Republic
61.The Independent State of Samoa*
62.The Republic of San Marino
63.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
64.The Repblic of Seychelles
65.Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
66.The Republic of Singapore
67.The Slovak Republic
68.The Republic of Slovenia
69.The United States of America
70.The Eastern Republic of Uruguay
71.The Republic of Finland
72.The Republic of France
73.The Republic of Croatia
74.The Czech Republic
75.The Republic of Chile
76.The Swiss Confederation
77.The Kingdom of Sweden
78.The Republic of El Salvador
79.The Republic of Estonia ****
*If effective document for traveling abroad contains the efficient multi-entry visa issued by the EU country-member or country-member of Schengen zone with the mark confirming the entry into the EU country-member or country-member of Schengen zone as well as the air tickets having the departure date  from the Minsk National Airport.
**Is not regarded to be a country.
***Including persons having status of non-citizen of the Republic of Latvia.
****Including stateless persons permanently residing at the Republic of Estonia.