Online-gambling will became fully lawful in Belarus

Online casinos legalized in Belarus. Officially, virtual gambling platforms can be opened from April 1, 2019. The President of the country signed a decree "On the improvement of legal regulation of gambling business" on August 7.

Which gambling are allowed in Belarus?

Earlier it was only two types of online gambling games are allowed in Belarus:

bet games, during which a participant makes a bet on the expected result with the game manager;
tote games, during which a participant makes a bet on the expected result with the other participant of the game.

From April 1, 2019 the following gambling games will be also allowed in Belarus:

bingo games, in which a prize depends on the guessed number combination and the amount of the bet;
online card games (for example, poker);
slot games, during which a prize and its amount is determined by the system randomly.

Moreover games in live-regime will be allowed, during which real gambling tables, cards, roulettes located in Belarus and abroad are broadcasted online, and participants can play remotely. 

How to start a gambling online business in Belarus?

To conduct a gambling business you need to get a license. It can be obtained by a Belarusian legal entity only. Nevertheless, shareholders of such company can be also foreign individuals and companies.
To get special permission to organize online sweepstakes or bookmaking games, the company must organize an appropriate gambling establishment offline.
To obtain the license for operating online games (including games in live-regime), entity has to establish an offline bet shop or totalizator and conduct business in this field for 2 years. For this purpose a new activity called “maintaining a virtual gambling establishment” has to be included into the license.

What requirements are prescribed to the organizers of online gambling in Belarus?

The basic requirements for the organizers of online games in Belarus:

— a virtual gambling establishment (site, software and hardware) is subject to examination for compliance with mandatory requirements, the information security system must be certified (It is possible to recognize the results of the examination of a virtual gambling establishment conducted by a foreign authorized organization);
— to pay taxes, fees and duties and to insure payment of winnings it is required to open a special account with the Belarusian bank and constantly keep a certain amount on it;
— settlements with all players, including foreign ones, may only take place through the bank account opened in Belarus;
— using servers and domains outside Belarus is allowed  provided that information about players (IP addresses, logins, personal data) and their operations will be collected on the server in Belarus.