Anastasia has been working in the field of legal counselling and bankruptcy for 10 years now. As part of REVERA's team, she is responsible for monitoring clients' interests in construction disputes at various stages: from developing an action strategy at the pre-trial stage to legal representation at all instances of economic courts.

Apart from construction disputes, Anastasia has been counselling and supporting clients in courts with respect to real estate, engineering design and engineering services.

Anastasia believes the following are the most complicated judicial disputes that she managed to win:

  • Representation of the Slovenian general contractor RIKO d.o.o. in a suite of litigation cases with customer and subcontractors with respect to the construction of a major hotel complex in Minsk
  • Legal representation of the major Polish construction company Unibep in disputes with contractor with respect to the construction of a logistics centre

Additional facts about the associate

  • Anastasia likes wine, nice cooking, paper books and travelling



AECOM is a global leader in providing design services for the construction industry and are listed by Fortune 500. In Belarus, AECOM is involved in the construction of the GazProm centre in Minsk worth 900 mln USD. Our lawyers consulted the Client for the purpose of settling differences with the customer, and in particular developed a strategy and a legal position to protect the Client’s interests in court in an action of collection of penalties for unsatisfactory provision of services.

Protecting Unibep's interests

Legal representation of Unibep a Polish general contractor involved in the construction of a multimodal industrial logistical complex in disputes with customer.

Settlement of dispute with owner of Kempinski hotel construction project

RIKO is a major Slovenian construction company chosen as general contractor for a hotel complex project in Minsk centre.
Our attorneys settled a dispute with the customer – from risk assessment to current support in court.
The multi-million disputes were successfully resolved due to assistance provided by our law firm.


Resolution of a corporate conflict of a real estate operator, in particular against motions seeking to invalidate decisions of general meeting of participants, contesting the method of controlling condominium real estate and unwarranted construction of an additional building in Minsk’s historical centre.

Krasnyi Pishchevik

Judicial defense of client as customer in disputes with general contractor on quality, volume and cost of works. Advising on termination of relations with general contractor.


RIKO is a major Slovenian construction company chosen as general contractor for a big hotel complex in Minsk.
We represented the client in a number of judicial proceedings involving disputes with subcontractors and equipment suppliers. We supported the client in court sessions, in preparing main relations strategy and in the settlement of disputes with subcontractors and suppliers.
Debt worth 650,000 euros was collected to the benefit of our client.