Anastasia Korchagina

Senior Counsel, attorney

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Anastasia provides legal assistance to clients with administrative, legal, and criminal risks about crimes' economic elements.
Provides legal assistance in carrying out unscheduled and random inspections by various supervisory bodies (financial police, tax and customs authorities), etc. at the stage of appeal against the inspection results.

Represents clients' interests in economic courts on a wide range of disputes, e.g. on corporate disputes, invalidation of irregular legal acts of State, local government and self-government bodies, other bodies or officials which affect the rights and legitimate interests of the applicant in the sphere of business and other economic activities.

Protects the owners and business leaders at the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus, the Central Office of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus and their territorial subdivisions are suspected of committing crimes against property and the procedure for carrying out economic activities and of crimes against the interests of the service.

Additional facts about the associate

  • 17+ years of experience in the profession 
  • Anastasia took part in high-profile cases involving Belarusian civil servants, including officials in responsible positions.

Адвокат юридической консультации «Бизнес.Право.Налоги» Минской областной коллегии адвокатов.
Лицензия № 02240/750, выдана на основании решения от 20.02.2004 г .№ 42 и зарегистрирована в реестре специальных разрешений (лицензий) Министерства юстиции Республики Беларусь за №750