Vladimir manages projects involving administrative and criminal defense of businesses:

  • He monitors unscheduled and random inspections carried out by financial police authorities
  • He furnishes legal assistance in compiling claims and petitions
  • He represents clients in economic disputes and cases involving contestation of non-normative legal acts
  • He defends wealth holders and managers of businesses in criminal economic cases
  • Due to his work experience as crisis manager, he successfully represents creditors in insolvency cases

Also, Vladimir counsels foreign and national companies on exports/imports of goods in Belarus and EAEU, represents clients in disputes with customs authorities involving evaluation of customs cost of goods, classification of goods and collection of customs charges. Vladimir defends the interests of importers and shippers in administrative cases, provides legal monitoring of inspections, including in-house customs inspections/checks.

Vladimir has good knowledge of the Polish language and the Polish law. This allows him to render assistance to Polish investors in creating and developing their businesses in Belarus. 

Additional facts about the attorney

  • Candidate of legal sciences
  • 10+ years of experience in the field of legal counselling
  • 100+ successful projects 


Monitoring an inspection carried out by Financial Investigations Department

Legal support during an unscheduled inspection of the Financial Investigation Department of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus with respect to a major Belarusian grocery retail operator.

Protecting I-Power in a dispute with local authorities

A major company who had concluded an investment agreement with a local executive authority. Our attorneys advised the client on the issues of abrogation of the investment agreement and appealing against non-normative legal acts adopted by local authorities.

Monitoring an inspection carried out by Financial Investigations Department

Legal support during DFI’s unscheduled inspection of a major distributor of medical goods and equipment.

Protecting a major retailer

Legal assistance in maintaining client’s position during an inspection carried out by a prosecuting agency due to an industrial accident.

An exclusive importer of medical equipment

Defending a client in a criminal case involving alleged tax evasion. The investigative agency charged the client with having developed and implemented a scheme to evade taxes from business activities of a foreign entity “G” in the territory of the Republic of Belarus via its representative office by means of supplying certain types of goods to state bodies within the framework of state purchases procedures. The case was complicated in that it was one of the first criminal cases in Belarus where such activities were treated as criminal by law enforcement agencies.

Administrative protection for a Serbian client

Our attorneys assisted the client in appealing against a consummated resolution in an administrative case.