Irina Demidik



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As part of REVERA's team, Irina focuses mostly on intellectual property and regulation of information technology. Her core profile is IT projects: framing contracts/agreements, analysing legislation (in particular, tax regulations), privileged regimes for IT companies. 

Moreover, Irina is involved in the matters of regulation of telecommunication technology and information security.

Also, Irina's portfolio comprises projects involving corporate law, migration law and labour law. 

Additional facts about the associate

  • Irina undertook an internship in a major Russian legal firm focusing on  regulations applying to the processing and protection of personal data
  • Irina participated in the exchange programme with Moscow State University of Law majoring in "IT-Law" 
  • Irina is a four-time winner of the Belarusian Students Legal Olympiad and was enrolled in the Presidential Talented Youth Support Fund


Red Rock ltd.

Systematic consulting of a successful Belarusian startup developing software for health/fitness exercises, including corporate, tax, contractual consulting and IP matters.

Startup studio Bratte Fund (MSQRD founders' project)

Legal support of investment activity of startup studio founded by E. Nevgeny and S. Gonchar, including contractual support, registration of relations with startups, corporate, tax consulting.

Одна из старейших и крупнейших ИТ-компаний Беларуси

Legal analysis of the issues of providing data center services, preparation of complex contracts for this type of activity.