Elena Petsukevich

Senior Associate

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In her professional activity, Elena supports large investment projects involving construction of real property of various categories: dwelling houses, business centres, production/industrial facilities, mining facilities, infrastructure and power industry facilities. 

Elena has experience as a corporate lawyer which allows her to overlap the professional skills of a consulting lawyer and of an internal lawyer. This combination of skills and experience allows Elena to provide integrated support for various business activities of groups of companies, investment processes, construction projects and ‘near-construction’ matters, always with due account for business interests.

Also, Elena has a vast professional experience of representation in government bodies which allows her to successfully protect her client’s position in various cases.

Elena consults businesses on various stages of investment projects: from the pre-investment/entering stage to operation of finished units. Elena monitors processes of land allocation for construction projects and obtainment of required permits/authorisations, as well as environment protection projects.

Elena participated in the elaboration and harmonisation of draft law-making instruments in regard to investment projects.

Additional facts about the counsel

  • About 15 years of experience in the construction & real estate sector
  • Administration of major investment projects worth 1.5 to 5 bln USD and involving development area of over 200 ha
  • Successful protection of investor’s interests in a case involving abrogation of an investment contract with the Republic of Belarus, without any punitive sanctions



Unibep is a major Polish construction company. In Belarus, Unibep acts as the general contractor in a number of investment projects: construction of Trinity shopping mall in Grodno, construction of a multimodal industrial logistical complex, etc. REVERA advises Unibep on a vast range of issues with respect to construction activities in Belarus.