Darya Ermak

Leading associate

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Daria focuses on supporting projects involving legal formalisation of employee relations, developing and updating of corporate personnel document flow systems, with the aim of minimising risks of labour conflicts and sanctions from state authorities.

Daria advises on various matters related to employment laws: from personnel recruitment issues to developing non-standard corporate personnel management policies.

Apart from employment laws, Daria has vast experience in advising clients on corporate restructuring issues, building corporate relations and change of ownership. Daria took part in projects involving attracting investments in Belarusian companies from foreign investors.

Daria is also experienced in legal support for the obtainment of antitrust regulator's authorisations for transactioning with shares/stocks of business entities for the purpose of corporate reorganisation and for transactioning with real estate.

Daria's major clients include: Takeda Pharmaceutical, Playrix, Rozum Robotics, Syngenta and many others.



Consulting the leading Russian/CIS mobile game developer in a wide range of matters, including organisational management for its Belarusian team, preparation of legal opinions on specific labour law matters and related spheres, etc.


Comprehensive advice on employment matters, develop personnel documentation for an IT company.

Syngenta Agro AG

Syngenta is a leading global manufacturer of plant protection agents and seed breeding.
Comprehensive advising on employment matters, development of staffing documentation for the representative office of Syngenta Agro, AG (Swiss Confederation) in the Republic of Belarus.


Comprehensive advising on building relations with personnel and related issues of employment law.


Support for the purpose of better structuring of employee relations. Comprehensive advising on employment and related matters, development of staffing documentation for the representative office of Takeda Osteuropa Holding GmbH (Republic of Austria) in the Republic of Belarus.

Investment for Rozum Robotics

Rozum Robotics is the sole developer of collaborative robots in CIS and Baltic states. Shareholders decided to attract investment from RosTech fund, to augment their business.
Our team provided full support for the transaction, including preparation of all transaction documents and SPA-agreement under English law. We also, prepared a partnership agreement.