Ksenia Uskova

Leading associate, Head of IT/IP direction


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Ksenia counsels foreign and Belarusian companies in a broad range of matters pertaining to intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks, industrial models, works for hire, etc.

Also, Ksenia's portfolio includes a big number of successful projects involving consulting of IT companies in:

  • copyrights on software solutions and protection of intellectual property
  • auditing items of intellectual property (Legal Due Diligence) 

Education & training

  • Belarusian State University, Law Department (Bachelor's programme, Master's programme)
  • University of Pennsylvania, "Intellectual Property Law and Policy" course 



Comprehensive legal support for a leading global mobile game developer, including IP, tax, employment and contractual matters.

AppLovin - Belka Games

REVERA supported the strategic cooperation between the world leader in the mobile games industry AppLovin and the large Belarusian studio Belka Games. We fully supported this project, including corporate, tax, contractual consulting, registration of IP rights and other aspects of cooperation.

BelPrime Solutions ltd.

Comprehensive legal support for a major Belarusian company developing software for website promotion in search engines and Internet marketing.

Investment for Rozum Robotics

Rozum Robotics is the sole developer of collaborative robots in CIS and Baltic states. Shareholders decided to attract investment from RosTech fund, to augment their business.
Our team provided full support for the transaction, including preparation of all transaction documents and SPA-agreement under English law. We also, prepared a partnership agreement.

Trademark for LogicLike

REVERA's team secured registration of LogicLike trademark at the national level and promotion of LogicLike trademark internationally.

Protecting majority shareholders against CEO's actions

Representation of majority shareholders of a Belarusian company in courts and law enforcement agencies due to CEO’s alienation of exclusive right to trademark. Our dynamic efforts had driven negotiations from the dead-lock and allowed the client to agree upon his withdrawal from the Belarusian business on advantageous terms. We also monitored formalisation of arrangements to settle the corporate conflict, in particular, with respect to alienation of shares and change of CEO.