Andrey focuses on administrative protection of businesses and advises clients on application of insolvency/bankruptcy procedures.

Apart from the bankruptcy sphere, Andrey has vast experience in advising and representation of clients in appealing purchases procedures.

Additional facts about the associate

  • Andrey has secured actual collection of troubled debts worth millions of US dollars via enforcement measures


Protecting А1 in a corporate conflict

А1 is a leading Russian company, a key unit of Alpha-Group, a major private financial and manufacturing consortium.
REVERA’s attorneys helped resolve a considerable corporate conflict. A1 group was deprived of its share in a large manufacturing enterprise, STL Extruzia, located in Mogilev free economic zone, as a result of a sequence of director’s illegal actions.
Within this project, we initiated a number of cases contesting decisions on sale of share and lodged a number of claims against STL Extruzia on behalf of A1.


Representation of shareholder of CJSC “Belarusian Potash Company” appealing against bankruptcy of the enterprise. State enterprise “Belaruskali” was the opponent. Our attorneys appealed against initiation of bankruptcy proceedings and represented the client in judicial instances.

Preventing bankruptcy of ImmobilienInvest

REVERA represented a developer of a large fitness centre in Minsk. Investor initiated a bankruptcy proceeding, which might entail significant losses for our client. REVERA’s attorneys succeeded in halting the bankruptcy proceeding. Due to this success, the client managed to save a large real estate unit, that he had backed with a significant investment.


Representation of client in disputes with CEO involving debtor’s bankruptcy and a claim seeking invalidation transactions worth over 700,000$

Protecting majority shareholders of AvangardSpecMontazhPlus

The Client is a leader in the security systems market. REVERA represented majority shareholders in a corporate conflict lasting over 3 years. During the conflict, REVERA’s lawyers won the principal court proceeding, thus materially strengthening client’s position, claim amount being decreased by 98%.


We monitored client’s recovery of debt from CourierBy LLC that had been dissolved and turned bankrupt. Whereas the initial debt sum amounted to 250 thousand USD, REVERA’s lawyers managed to decrease it to ca. 100 thousand USD.