Julia Oshmyan

Head of arbitration and economic Dispute Resolution Subpractice, attorney

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Julia focuses on resolution of international judicial/arbitration disputes. She is experienced in complicated economic cases involving foreign entities and various jurisdictions.

Moreover, Julia has vast experience in monitoring economic disputes in economic courts of the Republic of Belarus, monitoring IT/IP disputes and successful protection of employers in various types of labour disputes.

Julia is a regular speaker at legal workshops, forums and conferences. Julia spoke at the Case Law legal forum, Belarusian Personnel Managers Forum, "Doing Business with Russian Federation" forum  and others.

In 2019 and 2020 Julia was a member of the jury of Belarusian Student Legal Olympiad, and in 2017 she was an arbitrator of 2nd РАА's Online Arbitration Contest.

Julia earned an honorific mention from the Main Department of Justice of Minsk regional executive committee for her conscientious work, complete professionalism and exemplary performance of official duties, and a certificate of honour from the Minsk region bar association for her complete professionalism in defending rights, liberties and legitimate interests of clients and personal contribution to the good will and image of Minsk region bar association.

Membership in associations and unions

  • The Minsk region bar association
  • Council of young attorneys-at-law of Belarusian national bar



Domain dispute in WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center under UDRP Policy

Representing foreign IT company in its dispute in WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center under the UDRP Policy procedure involving transfer of a domain name on the motion of foreign owners of trademarks.

Protecting client in a Californian court

We were involved in two disputes in the District Court of the Northern District of California, protecting a Belarusian computer games developer from motions by a French and a Turkish companies claiming violation of copyright on a mobile phone game, unlawful use of means of individualisation and unfair competition.

Protecting copyrights in AppStore

Consulting a number of Belarusian IT companies on disputes with competitors involving violation of copyright on AppStore applications.

A major CIS manufacturer

Our attorneys represented the client in the International Arbitration Court under the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A dispute with a Belarusian state-run enterprise involved theft of a cargo in transit.

A foreign wine manufacturer

The client, a renowned wine producer, noticed that its Belarusian competitor registered a trademark in Belarus almost identical with a trademark owned by our client. Our attorneys contested legal protection of competitor’s trademark in the Appellate Council under the National Intellectual Property Centre and in the Judicial Board for Intellectual Property of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus

Minsk Motor Plant

Advocacy for client in a lawsuit lodged against a foreign supplier seeking to abrogate an agreement for the supply of process equipment and commissioning and recover damages due to fundamental breach of contract terms. Contract price was circa 6 mln euros. The supplier delivered most of the equipment but failed to carry out commissioning works thus inflicting damages and forcing the client to look for another contractor to finish the project.

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