Margarita Poludetkina


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Margaret specialises in supporting administrative and criminal protection for businesses and economic judicial disputes.

Margaret participated in monitoring protection of clients in criminal cases involving economic violations. Margaret participates in supporting administrative/legal (extrajudicial) protection for businesses, in the course of unscheduled inspections.

Also, Margaret specialises in consulting and representing clients in complex corporate disputes:

  • with majority shareholders
  • minority shareholders
  • top-management

Margaret’s scientific areas of expertise comprise EU’s and EAEU’s laws.


Minority shareholders of Frandesa company

Frandesa is a leader in the development and production of plant protection agents. REVERA represented company’s minority shareholders in a multi-million corporate conflict with majority shareholders. The majority shareholders desired to fully consolidate the business, but the proposed terms were not satisfactory for our clients. As a consequence of 2-months of discussions, the parties effected a deal, to the reasonable satisfaction of our clients. At present, all terms and conditions of the deal are being duly observed. REVERA’s team managed to settle the dispute without recourse to a court.

Protecting majority shareholders against CEO's actions

Representation of majority shareholders of a Belarusian company in courts and law enforcement agencies due to CEO’s alienation of exclusive right to trademark. Our dynamic efforts had driven negotiations from the dead-lock and allowed the client to agree upon his withdrawal from the Belarusian business on advantageous terms. We also monitored formalisation of arrangements to settle the corporate conflict, in particular, with respect to alienation of shares and change of CEO.