Daria focuses on application of bankruptcy/insolvency procedures and advises clients on disputes involving antitrust legislation.

Apart from the bankruptcy sphere, Daria has vast experience in collecting receivables.

Additional facts about the associate

  • Daria protected interest-holders' interests worth over 500,000 USD in the situation of developer's bankruptcy
  • Daria supported acquisition of a helicopter complex by creditor in the course of a bankruptcy proceeding
  • Daria protected client's interests worth over 350,000 USD in the situation of contestation of a transaction during a bankruptcy proceeding



Representation of shareholder of CJSC “Belarusian Potash Company” appealing against bankruptcy of the enterprise. State enterprise “Belaruskali” was the opponent. Our attorneys appealed against initiation of bankruptcy proceedings and represented the client in judicial instances.

Preventing bankruptcy of ImmobilienInvest

REVERA represented a developer of a large fitness centre in Minsk. Investor initiated a bankruptcy proceeding, which might entail significant losses for our client. REVERA’s attorneys succeeded in halting the bankruptcy proceeding. Due to this success, the client managed to save a large real estate unit, that he had backed with a significant investment.

Protecting majority shareholders of AvangardSpecMontazhPlus

The Client is a leader in the security systems market. REVERA represented majority shareholders in a corporate conflict lasting over 3 years. During the conflict, REVERA’s lawyers won the principal court proceeding, thus materially strengthening client’s position, claim amount being decreased by 98%.

Protection against bank's lawsuit

Successful defense of our client, Pani investment & construction company, from a bank’s lawsuit. Background: prior to initiating a bankruptcy procedure, a corporate debtor borrowed 2 million US dollars from our client and took out another loan from a bank. However, the debt was not repaid, therefore bank decided to demand abrogation of our client’s agreement with debtor, in order to raise the prospect of collecting the debt. At present, over 50% of the amount owed has been repaid to the client.

Protecting business owner

Successful defense from tax inspectorate’s claims seeking bringing to subsidiary responsibility to the amount of over 300,000 $.

Protection against bankruptcy lawsuit

Defense of a major construction company from a tax inspectorate’s motion seeking commencement of a bankruptcy case.