Protecting MinskEnergo in a construction dispute

Our attorneys defended the client in a dispute on the fulfillment of obligations under a contractor agreement. The amount in dispute was over 2 million USD. The case was examined by the International Arbitration Court under the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Protecting MinskEnergo from a bankruptcy manager

Our attorneys defended the client against a lawsuit lodged by a receiver of a Russian company seeking to collect penalties. The amount in dispute was over 4.5 million euros. The case was examined by the International Arbitration Court under the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Minsk Motor Plant

Advocacy for client in a lawsuit lodged against a foreign supplier seeking to abrogate an agreement for the supply of process equipment and commissioning and recover damages due to fundamental breach of contract terms. Contract price was circa 6 mln euros. The supplier delivered most of the equipment but failed to carry out commissioning works thus inflicting damages and forcing the client to look for another contractor to finish the project.

Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR)

Legal support for the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR) under an LTE network construction project in Belarus, in particular preparation of a loan agreement, contract of pledge and foreclosure agreement; negotiations with borrower; legal opinion for borrower., an online crediting platform

Comprehensive legal support for, an online crediting platform project. Elaboration of a legal model for a business extending online credits to users, documental support.

Reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities in Vitebsk region

ARGINTA is a major Lithuanian company oeprating in the sphere of water management and renewable energy.
Our associates consulted the client for the purpose of performing a FIDIC contract for the reconstruction of water treatment facilities in Vitebsk region.

General contractor contract for Bauer Technics a.s

Preparing a contractor contract with account of FIDIC norms between general contractor (non-resident) and customer (Belarusian resident) for the ‘turn-key’ construction of a livestock farm.

Krasnyi Pishchevik

Judicial defense of client as customer in disputes with general contractor on quality, volume and cost of works. Advising on termination of relations with general contractor.


RIKO is a major Slovenian construction company chosen as general contractor for a big hotel complex in Minsk.
We represented the client in a number of judicial proceedings involving disputes with subcontractors and equipment suppliers. We supported the client in court sessions, in preparing main relations strategy and in the settlement of disputes with subcontractors and suppliers.
Debt worth 650,000 euros was collected to the benefit of our client.


Representation of a major project company in court in a case involving recovery of damages from customer due to abrogation of design works contract.

Construction of a solar plant for Modus Group

Modus Group is a diversified holding company operating in Lithuania and Belarus. Our team provided comprehensive support for a 5.7 MW solar plant project in Minsk region. Construction activities were financed by EBRD.

Construction of a major DIY shopping mall MILE

Comprehensive support for the construction of the largest Belarusian (11,000 sq.m.) DIY shopping mall for MILE chain.