European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Advising on delivery and performance of a real estate mortgage agreement by a major borrower (a retail chain).


We monitored client’s recovery of debt from CourierBy LLC that had been dissolved and turned bankrupt. Whereas the initial debt sum amounted to 250 thousand USD, REVERA’s lawyers managed to decrease it to ca. 100 thousand USD.


Comprehensive advising on employment and related matters, monitoring of migration matters for a CEO of a Belarusian office.

US-based pharmaceutical company

Representation in court in a case seeking to bring debtor’s CEO to subsidiary responsibility to the amount of over 100,000 $.

Protecting business owner

Successful defense from tax inspectorate’s claims seeking bringing to subsidiary responsibility to the amount of over 300,000 $.

Protection against bankruptcy lawsuit

Defense of a major construction company from a tax inspectorate’s motion seeking commencement of a bankruptcy case.

Debtor supervision in the interests of A1 Group

А1 is a leading Russian investment company, a key unit of Alpha-Group, a major private financial and manufacturing consortium.
Our attorneys represented А1 as creditor in a bankruptcy case in the territory of Belarus. the task was to monitor due course of law during judicial proceedings.

A major state enterprise

Representation of a major state defense industry enterprise in a complex dispute with a foreign supplier involving lawsuits seeking to abrogate contract, to recover damages and to invalidate an unenforceable notary’s execution order.

A major Belarusian fashion retailer

Representation of a major Belarusian fashion retailer in a dispute with lessor seeking to recognise an unenforceable notary’s execution order.

A major chain of restaurants

Representation of a major chain of restaurants in a major economic case. We succeeded in levying deposit money under a lease contract. The deposit money was acknowledged to be unjust enrichment due to expiry of principal contract.

An IT company vs. former employee

Representation of a major IT company in an employement dispute with former employee.


Representation of a private developer in a complex dispute with general contractor involving coercion to remove shortcomings in construction and assembly works for an infrastructural facility in Minsk’s housing area.