NT Technology

REVERA’s lawyers carried out a tax audit and a legal analysis of tax and regulatory risks.

A producer of crop protecting agents

Our taxation experts analysed taxation agreements and provided consulting on calculation/payment of taxes and mandatory deductions reimbursing employees’ costs for meals, etc.


Comprehensive legal examination of options of selling dwelling units to client’s company’s employees.

Embassy of Czech Republic

Analysis of a building lease agreement for the purpose of accommodating the head of Czech diplomatic mission.

Trademark for LogicLike

REVERA's team secured registration of LogicLike trademark at the national level and promotion of LogicLike trademark internationally.

"Stolle" bakery chain

Legal advising on concluding a franchising agreement with a major bakery chain.


Representation of Samsung in a case involving unconscientious activities of an individual that ahd registered domain and used it to place advertising hyperlinks on web-pages of some online stores. REVERA represented Samsung in a judicial proceeding in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus, with the result that the domain was conferred to the client.

Protecting majority shareholders against CEO's actions

Representation of majority shareholders of a Belarusian company in courts and law enforcement agencies due to CEO’s alienation of exclusive right to trademark. Our dynamic efforts had driven negotiations from the dead-lock and allowed the client to agree upon his withdrawal from the Belarusian business on advantageous terms. We also monitored formalisation of arrangements to settle the corporate conflict, in particular, with respect to alienation of shares and change of CEO.

A leading supplier of control and measuring equipment

We supported the client in a complicated corporate conflict between a company member and an executive authority. We elaborated an action strategy to mitigate consequences of executive authority’s actions.

Defending Glassbel in courts of the Russian Federation

Defense against a lawsuit at Russian law in the Arbitration Court of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region seeking collection of moneys for undelivered goods.

A Russian commercial company

Recovery from the state budget of proceeds from sales of unlawfully exempted goods, to the benefit of a Russian enterprise specialising in gross and retail sales of food products and logistical services.


Advising on structuring personnel relations in the Belarusian office of Ruptela, a telecommunication company focusing on transportation management solutions.