A major supplier of furs

Representation in court in a dispute with tax office on an additional charge of profit tax.

Sadovy LLC

Representation of a manufacturing enterprise in court in a dispute with tax office on an additional charge of VAT subsequent to the results of tax inspection.

A professional participant of securities market

Appeal of a decision of the Ministry of Finance on termination of license.


A project to fight counterfeit goods in the market of the Republic of Belarus, within the framework of an administrative process. We had been involved in the project right from the start. At first, we carried out a number of sample purchases, in order to establish the fact of sales of counterfeit goods.
After collecting evidential base, we applied to the law enforcement authority, and participated in the investigation together with it. As a result, the entire volume of counterfeit goods was forfeited and the offender was brought to responsibility imposed by law. The rights of intellectual property owner were fully rehabilitated.


A Belarusian dealer of a Russian manufacturer had registered a principal’s trademark in the territory of Belarus. in course of the judicial proceeding, registration of trademark was acknowledged unfair competition. Afterwards, with the participation of REVERA, the client gained the right to the trademark in accordance with an agreement signed by the parties extrajudicially.


REVERA’s lawyers secured equal competitive conditions for client’s business on the part of state institutiotns organising bulk purchases. The project involved judicial proceedings contesting tender results due to violation of competition laws and contesting of actions and decisions of tender board.

"Sosedi" retail chain

Legal support to obtain anti-monopoly regulator’s permit for the purpose of restructuring a group of companies; preparing required documents and representation in the anti-monopoly authority.

A series of M&A transactions for "Sosedi" chain

Comprehensive legal support for a number of transactions aimed at expanding large Belarusian retail chains by way of entire or partial acquisition of standalone retail companies.

Restructuring "Sosedi" chain

Structuring and consulting in the course of embedding a group restructuring concept, including centralisation of control within managing company, spin-off of functional business units, tax planning, development of measures to optimise business processes; affiliation with management bodies of companies acquired in the course of expansion, for the purpose of representing and protecting the client at the investment stage.


Representation of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Monitoring a project to create a joint venture with Minsk Motorcar Plant OJSC.


Comprehensive support for a major Russian operator doing business in Belarus. Monitoring all stages of an investment project.

Kauno Grūdai

Assitance for a Lithuanian investor within a project aimed at investing in Smolevichy Brewery Works OJSC, monitoring a number of corporate procedures.