Anikavita - Frisland Campina

Supporting an acquisition of Frisland Campina’s CIS distributors. The transaction embraced five jurisdictions: Netherlands, Cyprus, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

Drillmec – Seysmotechnica

Supporting DRILLMEC SPA in acquiring the controlling block of shares of SeysmoTechnica JSC. This was one of the most prominent privatisation transactions.

Supporting owner of Milavitsa company

Comprehensive representation of a majority shareholder of a group of companies for the purposes of corporate group management and settlement of corporate conflicts.

Restructuring SITEK group

Expert appraisal, preparation of a technical specification, elaboration and implementation of a concept for the restructuring of a multi-field engineering holding acting as Siemens’s centre of competence in metalwork cutting, overhauls and modernisation of NC machines, production control systems and equipment control systems.

Protecting interests of a major Belarusian company in London

Consulting and protecting a major Belarusian company in an ad-hoc arbitration court (in London) under the UNCITRAL rules in a case on the termination of an international agreement of purchase and sale of gaming equipment/software and compensation for losses.

Representing a French manufacturer

Representation of a French manufacturer in complex disputes in the territory of the Republic of Belarus with customers and support for enforcement proceedings.


Supporting client in disputes with general contractor in respect of construction of an ice-cream factory (both during contruction stage and during warranty period).

Protecting a shareholder of an OJSC

Representation in a case contesting an unlawful additional issue of stocks of an OJSC at the expense of a shareholder.

Playtech - Viaden Media

Comprehensive support for a pioneering M&A transaction in regard to IT companies specialising on iOS mobile apps, namely acquisition of full control over a global leader in online games and processing.


Consulting EXP (CAPITAL) Ltd., a British investment fund, for the purpose of investing in a Belarusian IT project aiming at developing programmes for lagorithmic trading in financial instruments.

Representing a Russian company in IAC under the BelCCI

Representation of a Russian company in IAC under the BelCCI against a major Belarusian developer under a software development agreement.

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Advising to International Finance Corporation (IFC) in respect of a programme for digitalisation of administrative procedures to boost business environment. Consulting included interaction with administrative bodies, analysis of as-is processes, and proposal of to-be process after digitalising. Preparing recommendations on changes in legislation due to digitalisation of administrative procedures.