Legal assistance for the purpose of potential restructuring of financial debt under credit agreements concluded by two Belarusian corporate members of an international agricultural and manufacturing group with a Belarusian bank. Consulting comprised analysis of credit agreements, security documents and legal capacity of pledgers and warrantors. The project involved participants from several jurisdictions.

Casino XO

Comprehensive legal support for a leader of Belarusian gambling industry in the sphere of offline casinos, including monitoring acquisitions of real estate units, leasing of premises, monitoring amendment of license for gambling activities, advising on taxation and employment laws. Plus consulting on raised funding and business restructuring.

Furors group of companies

Implementing corporate procedures for a Latvian group of companies entering the Belarusian market under a project to open a chain of slot parlours “BONUS”, comprehensive legal support in respect of current business activities, including employment matters, administrative regulation of gambling business, monitoring acquisition of licenses, conclusion of occupational lease agreements, etc.

Hot Cherry slot parlour

Advising on corporate and taxation issues, legal regulation of gambling business, preparing documents pertaining to current operations.


Consulting client in the course of performance of a FIDIC contract for the reconstruction of water treatment facilities.

Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation

The client carried out an investment project worth over 600 mln US dollars.
As part of our support for the project, we prepared an agreement for the construction of ‘turnkey’ agricultural processing plants with account of provisions of FIDIC’s Silver Book.

MartInn (Glera Market, FCJSC)

Consulting on investment laws, permit/authorisation procedures, on the issues of construction of new retail outlets.

Biogas Systems

Supporting obtainment of quotas and construction of a number of bio-stock power plants. The project comprised sveral sites in different Belarusian regions.


Advising on applying GDPR regulations, website adaptation, preparing DPA template, CCPA template and assistance in preparing DPA/CCPA in relations with corporate partners.

Protecting supplier of crop protecting agents against CEO's actions

Successful defense of a major Belarusian wholesale supplier of crop protecting agents in cases contesting agreements involving unjustified rebates unlawfully granted by former CEO to counterparties (misuse of powers). The unjustified rebates amounted in total to circa 5 mln US dollars.

Protecting CEO in a corporate conflict

REVERA participated in a complicated corporate conflict inside a group of companies and defended a hired CEO who was unlawfully dismissed by employer. Thereafter, employer’s executive body unlawfully amended employer’s Charter stating that remuneration at client’s cost shall be paid within three years. The client took legal recourse reluctantly as he considered the risk of injuring his business standing. Therefore, REVERA’s lawyers elaborated an action scheme to restore CEO to his position and provided consulting on appropriate protective measures with regard to relations between company owners.

The biggest Belarusian online hypermarket

Consulting a major Belarusian online hypermarket on arrangement of access to financial products on an online site, including elaboration of models for client report reception, client identification and analysis of operation of the Interbank Identification System (IIS) and IIS access.