A major Maltese company

Consulting a Maltese company opening a business to provide online loyalty programmes by way of instalment plan cards and other banking products, including elaboration of a legal model for the interaction of sellers, banks and customers.


Advocacy for client in appellate instance in a case seeking to collect interest for the use of another’s monetary assets charged on the sum of unjust enrichment (cost of construction works).

A major engineering company

Elaborating a strategy and legal position to protect the client in a lawsuit seeking to recover penalties for poor quality of services.

Attracting EBRD's financing for Modus Group

Modus Group is a diversified holding company operating in Lithuania and Belarus. REVERA supported a project to attract financing from EBRD to construct a solar plant.

Construction of a chemical production facility for Passat holding

Comprehensive support for customer, “Passat” holding, for the purpose of constructing a manufacturing building. Advising on construction laws, structuring of project’s contractual fastening, conducting all negotiations. Also, we monitored negotiations for the purpose of concluding a contract for comprehensive management of construction activities with engineering authority.

A major supplier of technological solutions for agricultural sector

Representation of a major supplier of process solutions for agriculture in a number of labour disputes.

Soyuz Cabel

Comprehensive advising on labour legislation and related spheres, including comprehensive advising on choosing a remuneration and bonus payment system, flexible remuneration system; elaboration of policies on remuneration of labour and bonus payment on the basis of a ‘floating wages’ system, advising on other employment matters.

WGS Handel GmbH

Appealing against a consummated resolution in an administrative case.

Protecting a Kazakhstan hauler

Representation of hauler “Zhibek Trans Zholy” LLC in court in an administrative case under article 14.5 “Failure to declare goods subject to customs declaring procedure”.

Protecting rights of Lofbergs, a Swedish coffee producer

Our attorneys defended client from counterparty’s unfair competition and improper advertising in the territory of Belarus.


Advising on legislation of the Republic of Belarus on state purchases.

Novo Nordisk

Advising on activities in the Republic of Belarus, in particular on anti-bribery, anti-monopoly and advertising laws.