A supplier of alcoholic beverages

Successful representation in an administrative process resulting in annulment of forfeiture of proceeds from enterprise’s entire period of activity.

A Russian importer of grain crops

Supporting an appeal against a response of the Ministry of Finance to an enquiry about the use of primary accounting documents.

A state institution

Representation in a dispute with a foreign investor seeking to terminate a contract.

A Czech company, developer of water purification and ecology technologies

Pre-trial settlement of a dispute seeking to protect investments in the Republic of Belarus.

A distributor of medical goods

Comprehensive advising on state purchases of medical equipment, medical goods, pharmaceutical and health food, with account of business specifity.

A distributor of road building machinery

REVERA’s attorneys defended a client whose bid was unreasonable refused during a bulk purchase procedure. In followup of the legal proceeding, the court determined that the customer, in assessing bids, including client's bid, was ambiguous in its valuation, which was a direct violation of competition laws. As a result, the purchase procedure was held invalid.

A major international supplying company

Advising on participation in state purchases procedures and purchase from own funds. REVERA’s attorneys assisted in accurate formalisation of contractual relations between a foreign supplier and distributors, which, thereafter, allowed distributors to participate successfully in state purchases procedures and purchase from own funds.

A distributor of technical goods

A tender committee refused to apply a preferential correction factor to client’s bid. REVERA’s attorneys filed a suit seeking to invalidate the purchase procedure, stating that unlawful refusal to apply a preferential correction factor to client’s bid resulted in a false determination of winner. After all, the court satisfied the stated claims in full and the purchase procedure was held invalid.

Monitoring a share transaction for Anteri

Legal support in obtaining anti-monopoly regulator’s permit for a purchase-and-sale of company’s share for a supplier of pastry and snacks of CIS’s and Europe’s largest manufacturers.

Silvano Fashion Group – Onega

Supporting an M&A transaction involving acquisition of Onega LLC, a major Belarusian food manufacturer, by Silvano Fashion Group.


Consulting a leader of Belarusian beer market on corporate restructuring and related risks.

A major FMCG retail company

Due Diligence for the purposes of evaluation and performance of a transaction involving admittance of a Lithuanian investor.