Investment under the SAFE model in a Belarusian startup

In the course of an investment round, we carried out a Due Diligence for a startup, participated in negotiations on transaction terms, prepared draft documents, including documents required for employee options, and successfully closed the transaction.

Reorganisation and sale of Stormnet Technologies

REVERA’s lawyers carried out the restructuring of the company and accomplished a subsequent sale transaction.
in the course of the restructuring, we chose an optimal business legal structure, according to client’s strategic target, prepared all required documents, and provided comprehensive support for investor transaction:
– we elaborated a financial framework,
– we elaborated a management structure,
– description of participant withdrawal procedure,
– description of conflict resolution techniques.

A major Belarusian bank

Preparing a legal opinion on prospective recovery of damages worth over 3.5 mln US dollars from the Banking Processing Centre, due to failure to prevent fraudulent operations. We evaluated the situation and prepared a legal opinion for the client, specifying all risks and outlooks of legal proceeding, thus allowing the client to choose an optimal technique to protect its rights.

Protecting owner against CEO's actions

REVERA rendered assistance for the client in a complicated corporate conflict between a company participant and executive body.
The executive body evaded furnishing information crucial for the client (company owner) and his strategic decisions. Our associates elaborated an action scheme that allowed company CEO to resign without essential financial outlays and allowed the company to restore its financial soundness that had been lost due to executive body’s actions (recurrent performance of agreements of the principal company not harmonised with the client).


Correction of a shaft sinking contract for a second-largest mining and processing complex SlavKaliy, with account of FIDIC’s Red Book.


Representation of client in a legal suit seeking to collect cost of delivered construction materials.

A major developer of software products

REVERA’s team supported client in complying with the Hi-Tech Park regime, carried out a revaluation procedure with respect to new lines of business for HTP residents, and elaborated standard contracts for new lines of business.


Appealing against a decision on state purchases of pharmaceuticals.

The biggest system integrator

Tax consulting for a major systems integrator operating in CIS and Europe since 1992.


Advising on licensing business activities in the territory of the Republic of Belarus


Generating a strategy to defend a client in a potential litigation with customer


Supporting execution of a franchising agreement stipulating transferring a suite of exclusive rights of Culligan, a globally renowned manufacturer of water treatment equipment.