A corporate dispute over a power of attorney

Successful defense against legal suit seeking to invalidate decisions of general meeting of participants on reorganisation and re-allotment of shares, through revocation of a representative’s power of attorney.

A major supplier of furs

Successful representation in an administrative process resulting in a cancellation of forfeiture of goods put on the market with defective documentation.

Supplier of PCV window sections

Successful representation in an administrative process resulting in a cancellation of recovery of cost of withdrawn goods.


Successful representation in a lawsuit seeking to invalidate tender choosing a contractor to conduct repairs of a gas pipe.

A major manufacturer of children's clothes in the Republic of Belarus

Legal support in obtaining anti-monopoly regulator’s permit for the purposes of transactioning with shares/stocks of a business entity.

A major international pharmaceutical company

Elaboration and implementation of an extrajudicial debt servicing scheme.

"Toloka", an international publishing house

Elaborating a group restructuring concept, in particular to centralise management functions, spin-off functional business units, plus tax planning and elaborating measures to optimise business processes.

Due Diligence for DominantaPharm

Corporate Due Diligence for a subsidiary of CJSC “Catren”, one of the three leaders of Russian pharmaceutical market in terms of gross sales, for the purpose of evaluating running performance of company’s legal department and internal/external compliance.

A Belarusian footwear manufacturer

Defense against lawsuits lodged by a garment factory seeking reversion of buyer’s rights and obligations under purchase contracts for factory’s stocks.


Preparing and execution of contracts for a company developing server solutions and mobile games.

An international manufacturer of oil field equipment

Comprehensive consulting for a major Belarusian oil-field equipment manufacturer for the purpose of restructuring several loans (for an overall amount of 12 million USD) granted by an Italian investor.

Supporting an inspection of MetPromStroy

Legal support for a scheduled inspection of operations subject to conformity certification by a competent body.