Monitoring a purchase-and-sale transaction with respect to a major distributor

Supporting a transaction between non-residents involving a purchase of a Belarusian unitary enterprise, a distributor of a major European manufacturer of paint materials.

Due Diligence of a logistics centre construction project

Due Diligence for a logistics centre construction project in Brest region, for the purpose of acquisition of the logistics centre.


Legal support for recovery of debt from a Belarusian company.

Protecting "Legenda" company

Representation in an administrative case on customs offence.


Supporting corporate restructuring of a major supplier of electronic components and electrical products in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Obtainment of tax resident status

Consulting a private individual on the obtainment of tax resident status.

Personal tax control

Restoration and keeping of records of incomes/expenses for the purpose of individual tax control.


Vertol-Invest is an investment managing company investing in designing and manufacturing of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles.
REVERA’s lawyers elaborated a structure for a transaction aimed at purchasing assets of a bankrupted company.

Selling a share in a construction company

REVERA’s lawyers supported withdrawal of a majority shareholder and sale of share in a company focusing on the construction of utility networks and assembly of process equipment at civil, industrial and technical facilities. We prepared a comprehensive contract comprising a complicated contract fastening system.

A major Belarusian pharmaceutical company

Establishing unfair competition on the part of a Lithuanian manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in the course of international trademark registration, and its further annulment.


Advising on pricing of pharmaceuticals in the Republic of Belarus.


Advising on participation in tenders for the purpose of purchases of medical equipment in the Republic of Belarus.