Consulting services to the client on procedures of business activities in Belarus.

Marketplace foundation project

REVERA’s lawyers analysed services of a subsidiary (Hi-Tech park resident) with respect to compliance with tax laws of European countries and Belarus, and explored the problem of transfer pricing laws.

International IT company

Tax audit for an international IT company, provider of IT solutions and services.

Taxation in IT product monetisation

Consulting a Hi-Tech Park resident on tax consequences of product monetisation.

M&A transaction between Gett and Juno

REVERA’s team participated in the seminal transaction between the taxi services, Juno and Gett. In particular, we carried out a Vendor Due Diligence and provided comprehensive support for the transaction.

A major Belarusian manufacturer and exporter of cabinet-work furniture.

Successful support for the client during an inspection of its financial and business activities with regard to fulfillment of tax obligations (in the amount of ca. $500,000), developing a defense strategy and preparing counter-pleas to the inspection act.

A series of investment transactions for Games Ventures

Supporting range of transactions involving investment in a number of Belarusian gamedev startups by Group, using institutions stipulated by Decree No. 8, including convertible loan and option agreement.

Selling MAPS.ME to Russian group

Our team supported a transaction involving the purchase of a popular map-making service Maps.Me by Mail.Ru Group (Russian Federation) on behalf of the Belarusian developer team. Our competency comprised structuring of the transaction and tax consulting.

Sun Pharma

After registering a trademark, a Belarusian manufacturer began forbidding client’s imports of medicines in Belarus. For the purpose of protecting the client, we appealed to the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade and initiated a number of procedures and appeal petitions. Upon our application, the anti-monopoly body acknowledged competitor’s actions as unfair competition.
Further on, we represented the client in the Supreme Court in an appeal process initiated by the competitor. The court again confirmed that the competitor committed acts of unfair competition.

Protection of a major retail chain against MART

Protecting client’s rights in appealing a decision of the anti-monopoly regulator acknowledging client’s actions as a violation of the anti-monopoly laws.

"Sosedi" retail chain

Advising on application of administrative procedures and retail trade rules, advising on matters of corporate, taxation and employment laws.

Buslik - CDRL

Full support of the transaction of sale the controlling block of shares of the Buslik retail chain (first and one of the major Belarusian chains of children goods) to the Polish CDRL company. REVERA represented a private individual (majority shareholder) from sellers' side.