Arbitration proceeding in the Chinese International Economic and Commercial Arbitration Committee

Legal support of a dispute of a Belarusian company with a Russian counterparty under an international sales contract in an arbitration proceeding under the Chinese International Economic and Trade Arbitration Committee (CIETAC).

Protecting Salamander's interests

Successful resolution of a corporate conflict between participants of an LLC, a resident of Brest free economic zone. We arranged a defense against claims seeking to invalidate decisions of general meetings of participants, validation of participant’s withdrawal from the company and defense against groundless collection of value of share to the benefit of the withdrawing participant.

Protecting Syngenta

Representation of a Swiss company in a complicated dispute with a Belarusian company involving the amount of ca. 2 mln euros in Belarusian courts and monitoring the dispute in Switzerland.

Recovering 1 mln euros for "Vysoki Zamok"

“Vysoki Zamok” is a major construction company. Our attorneys represented “Vysoki Zamok” as general contractor in a construction dispute with a customer. As a result, a debt of over 1 mln euros was collected in full, as well as currency translation differences.

Google - AIMatter

Consulting certain founders in the course of a sale of AIMatter, a renowned Belarusian startup in the sphere of artificial intelligence, to the US-based IT giant Google.

AppLovin - Belka Games

REVERA supported the strategic cooperation between the world leader in the mobile games industry AppLovin and the large Belarusian studio Belka Games. We fully supported this project, including corporate, tax, contractual consulting, registration of IP rights and other aspects of cooperation.

Ministry of Economy and Great Stone industrial park

Our experts participated in a project aimed at creating a free trade zone between Great Stone industrial park and the People’s Republic of China. Such a large project must give consideration to the subtleties of dozens of various legal acts both in Belarus and China, as well as to the matters of supranational laws, WTO regimes and other factors.

Zubr Capital - MyFin

Supporting an investment transaction in the sphere of electronic media between Zubr Capital fund and MyFin media holding.


Consultions to a major retail chain selling prime alcoholic beverages on corporate matters related to group restructuring. Also, our associates were involved in the development of a business model to improve management of the group of companies, preparation of corporate documents and monitoring the restructuring process.

Restructuring of a major commercial and construction holding

We carried out a restructuring of a major group of companies comprising over 20 legal bodies. The project involved a set of negotiations with banks on debt restructuring.

A EBRD's financial support programme

Advising to EBRD with regard to a prospective programme for the financial support of small and mid-sized businesses and environmental protection. The services involved interaction with main regulatory authorities, comprehensive analysis of models of provision of gratuitous financing (in particular, taxation matters and international obligations of the Republic of Belarus), and delivery of a comprehensive summary.

RosEximBank (Russian Exports Centre group)

Advising to RosEximBank with regard to providing of unsecured multi-million (EUR) loan to Eurotorg, a major Belarusian retail chain, including corporate Due Diligence, analysis of loan agreement, legal opinion on borrower’s legal capacity, advising on regulations with respect to currency exchange transactions beyond Belarusian territory and procedures required to open a bank account beyond Belarusian territory.