A major CIS manufacturer

Our attorneys represented the client in the International Arbitration Court under the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A dispute with a Belarusian state-run enterprise involved theft of a cargo in transit.

A foreign wine manufacturer

The client, a renowned wine producer, noticed that its Belarusian competitor registered a trademark in Belarus almost identical with a trademark owned by our client. Our attorneys contested legal protection of competitor’s trademark in the Appellate Council under the National Intellectual Property Centre and in the Judicial Board for Intellectual Property of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus

Flint Capital - Flo

Our team guided the early stages of investing in the (by now) global leader of apps for female health – Flo startup. We provided Vendor Due Diligence for the development office, fully-fledged formalisation of the IP transfer chain, corporate support for the investment round on the part of founders, and we continue to provide legal support for the Belarusian office.

BelPrime Solutions ltd.

Comprehensive legal support for a major Belarusian company developing software for website promotion in search engines and Internet marketing.


Comprehensive advising on building relations with personnel and related issues of employment law.


Supporting a client entering the Belarusian market, maintenance the admission to Hi-Tech Park.

Red Rock ltd.

Systematic consulting of a successful Belarusian startup developing software for health/fitness exercises, including corporate, tax, contractual consulting and IP matters.

Monitoring an inspection carried out by Financial Investigations Department

Legal support during DFI’s unscheduled inspection of a major distributor of medical goods and equipment.

Protecting a major retailer

Legal assistance in maintaining client’s position during an inspection carried out by a prosecuting agency due to an industrial accident.


Consulting a pharmaceutical company on all issues related to anti-bribery laws and interaction with medical workers for the purpose of promotion of medicines.


Consulting a pharmaceutical company on all issues of doing business in the Republic of Belarus


Legal support for a major Russian exporter of medicines entering the Belarusian market, in particular opening of a representative office, advising on employment law and taxation issues.